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iSquare Mall + Hotel.jpg

   iSquare is positioned to become Orlando’s next major destination - an iconic symbol that represents the convergence of luxury, experience and memory. It is here where fashion and entertainment intertwine. Feeding off the energy that is the I-Drive experience, this is the place to see and be seen. The animated façade of the podium integrates high-tech LED lighting that showcase the storefronts of world-class retailers with large expanses of glass that naturally illuminate the interior of the multi-story mall. The dynamic surfaces become the centerpiece of nighttime activity and can be experienced from both near and far. The curved forms of the Solis hotel towers have a windswept feel as if blowing in a warm breeze and giving the architecture the illusion of movement. The two world-class hotels offer the feeling of luxury; an experience unlike no other in Orlando. Both guest pools are positioned in the sky and have an impressive view of all the neighboring attractions – guests can splash in the sun while leaving the rest of the world far below. But for the ultimate experience, the rooftop restaurant pairs exquisite dining with a breathtaking rotating panorama of the City Beautiful from over three hundred feet in the air. At iSquare, guests will indulge in experiences that will linger long after their night has ended elevating their palate for quality, luxury and comfort to a whole new standard. ​​



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